La Colorada Arriba Water System Tank Project – Dominican Republic

La Colorada Arriba Water System Project - Dominican RepublicThis project is the third project to be implemented under the Water Charity Ferro-Cement Tanks for the Dominican Republic and Haiti Program. It calls for the construction of a 50,000-liter Ferro-cement tank for water storage to serve the community of La Colorada Arriba, Dominican Republic. It is the largest and most ambitious undertaking, and offers significant economies of scale as a result.

The project is under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer and Engineer Sarah Casey as part of a larger plan for a comprehensive water system for the community.

La Colorada Arriba is a rural community of almost 900 people, living without access to potable water. To meet their daily needs, families are left with no choice but to buy river water contaminated with diarrhea-causing parasites from passing trucks. Particularly in young children and the elderly, diarrhea can lead to serious health complications, including dehydration and malnutrition, or even death.

Community members, well aware of their need for potable water, have identified a sustainable solution—a water distribution system powered by a centrifugal pump. Water will be pumped from a protected spring to a storage tank located above the community. From there water will travel completely by gravity to the community below. The spring, with almost a liter per second of flow, provides sufficient water to meet the residents’ demands as well as those of the community centers: a schoolhouse and three community churches.

To ensure sustainability, the community has formed a water committee to manage the project through all stages: planning, construction, and maintenance. The residents of La Colorada Arriba will supply all necessary labor for construction as well as a monthly quota towards future system upkeep.

Additionally, each family is contributing $35 towards the purchase of materials. While the community is contributing in kinda large percentage of the overall project cost, they do not have the financial means to purchase the majority of the materials.La Colorada Arriba Water System Project - Dominican Republic

A significant part of the overall project is the construction of the storage tank, which will use the proven Ferro-cement tank technology. The tank will have sufficient capacity to provide water on demand for the community during all seasons of the year and all hours of the day.

Project funds will be used to purchase materials, including rebar, wire mesh, cement, sand, gravel, wire, aluminum lids, plywood, tarp, paint and plumbing fixtures.

As part of the overall program, the construction of this tank will include the training of several Haitians who, immediately after completion of training, will go to Haiti to build additional tanks. As this is the third tank in the process, they have already gained substantial proficiency, and this construction of a larger tank will provide needed additional experience.

The construction of this tank is underway, and expected to take a week or so to complete.

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This project has been completed. To read about the conclusion of this project, CLICK HERE.