Kors Ream Primary School Well and Water System Project – Cambodia

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.

Kors Ream Primary School, Kors Ream Village, Bavel District, Battambang Province, Cambodia

Community Description
Kors Ream is a farming village located in rural Battambang, Cambodia. The Kors Ream Primary School is the only primary school in the village. Nine teachers educate 360 students aged 4 to 13 years old.

Problem Addressed
A challenge the primary school faces is the lack of water access. For years the school depended on rainwater and a pond situated in the back of the school as their primary source of water for basic needs.

Rainwater is not a dependable source in Cambodia, especially during the dry season. The pond situated behind the school contained contaminated water that caused skin irritations for the students. A neighboring pond was then used as an alternative; however, the students encountered the same skin irritations. Currently, both ponds are drained, leaving the school to become dependent on the two large rainwater jars the school owns and a neighbor’s well, which is already shared between three families.

The school has no history of securing an adequate, uncontaminated water supply. The director and teachers of the primary school have communicated concerns regarding the health of their students due to the lack of clean water. The consequences are diarrhea, skin disease, respiratory illnesses, intestinal and other waterborne diseases, lessening the number of times children are in school.

Rainwater collection jars have been an inefficient method to store water for the primary school. Two of the four rainwater collection jars owned by the school have shattered due to the lack of water being stored inside the jars. The school has expressed interest in a well, structures for water storage and usage, as well as educating students on the importance of proper hand washing and safe drinking water.

Project Description
Local construction workers will construct a well in front of the primary school. A hole will be dug 40 meters deep and 40 centimeters in diameter. A motor will be used to pump water out of the well.

Local construction workers will also situate a 300-liter water storage container on top of a 6-meter stand made of steel.  A 3-meter by 6-meter hand washing station will be built next to the latrines behind the primary school.

Two primary school teachers and the Peace Corps volunteer will conduct an educational demonstration to promote proper hand washing techniques for each of the nine classrooms of the school, educating all 360 students over the course of five days.

The primary school will provide bars of soap to the hand washing station at all times.

Project Impact
360 students and 9 teachers will benefit. (As well as anyone else who comes to visit the school.)

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Evalynn Romano

Monitoring and Maintenance
The Kors Ream Primary School will maintain the water source and will educate students on the importance of hand washing.

Instead of a large community bio-sand filter, as envisioned, Water Charity will provide the school with a ceramic water filter for each of the 9 classrooms.  These filters are even more effective at eliminating microbe pathogens, and will allow easier access to drinking water for the children.

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