Conclusion of Keur Madiabel Health Center Bathroom Project – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Jessica Goza.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to repair the toilets in the health post and build a handwashing station in the maternity ward.

Jessica reports:

I want to thank Water Charity for supporting the project and helping the people of Keur Madiabel gain access to a cleaner and safer hospital environment.

We succeeded in building a new handwashing station for overnight hospital patients and their families, especially the women in the maternity ward. We were also able to repair broken sinks and dig 2 new pits for latrines in the clinic and maternity ward.

The people of Keur Madiabel were extremely grateful for the improvements. The community was enthusiastic about the project and provided all the labor and transportation of the materials.

The new handwashing station was a favorite amongst the people and patients in the maternity ward. Previously, there was just a simple spigot and two buckets for washing hands, dishes, clothes and dirty linens. Now, there is an elevated basin with a shade structure so new mothers don’t need to bend down to do the wash in the glare of the sun.

The project was coordinated with an overall effort involving other funding to renovate the health post to create a clean and practical facility that will allow the staff to effectively serve the members of the community and allow patients to be in an environment that meets basic hygiene standards.

Additional activities included a community clean-up day to remove trash from the compound and to motivate community members to participate in health promotion, installing mosquito netting on windows and doors, removing mold and resurfacing the floors to prevent trips and falls, constructing an incinerator to manage medical waste, and building a large basin for sanitization of birthing equipment.

We are grateful to Jessica for completing this project, and again wish to thank The Andando Foundation for funding this important effort.