Keur Daouda Cisse Water System Project – Senegal

Keur Daouda Cisse, Thies region, Senegal

Community Description
This small village lies one hundred years and nine kilometers from Thies, the third largest city in Senegal, yet it has no electricity. Most of its water comes from two wells in the village. Its 300+ residents live in some 19 compounds.

Keur Daouda Cisse Water System Project – Senegal

The females tend to the home, a few sit under a central baobab tree with trays of vegetables to sell. Most of the men try to earn a little money selling peanuts if their annual crop yields enough. Two men in the village drive bush taxis, one drives a bus, one drives a 7-place bush taxi, and one works for Tostan.

Problem Addressed
A significant number of men in the village own parcels of land big enough to attempt cultivating mangos, cashews, and some vegetables such as beans and sorghum. Their efforts thus far have been thwarted by lack of water in their fields, which remain parched as rains are sporadic, and prone to drought. These farmers consider the cultivation of the fields as their only hope of being able to raise the money their families need.

Unemployment among the men in the village, due to the country’s financial condition, and their lack of means and education, exceeds 75 percent. When their fields refuse to produce, they have less to eat, and nothing to sell.

A water tower in the adjacent village of Tawa Fall about 300 meters away produces sufficient water to allow cultivation on fallow land, but the community has not had the financial resources to bring the water to the fields.

Project Description
This project is to provide a water system that will enable the growing of fruits and vegetables on presently idle land in the community.

The project is being implemented under the direction of the Keur Daouda Cisse village elders. The work will be done by members of the community.

A trench will be dug from the water tower to a point where the fields of 5 farmers meet. 300 meters of PVC pipe will be connected and buried.

Each of the farmers will be able to tap into the supply pipe to provide water for their respective fields.

Water Charity funds will be used to purchase the materials.

Keur Daouda Cisse Water System Project – Senegal

Project Impact
300 people in the village will benefit from the project.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Karen Chaffraix

Monitoring and Maintenance
Monitoring and maintenance is to be provided by Magget Cisse, the Chief of Village, and the group of farmers participating in the project.

This project will improve the health and well-being of the village by producing a more abundant and varied harvest. It will also increase the economic opportunities that arise from creating crops for sale.

Karen previously completed the Keur Daouda Cisse Well Project – Senegal.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.