Conclusion of Kasese Latrine Seats for Disabled Project – Uganda


To read about the beginning of this project, CLICK HERE.

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Bailey Shook, A Community Health Volunteer. Working directly with Rwenzori Empowerment Center-Kasese (RECKLAS), a local organization that provides services to community members in Kasese who are physically disabled, she was able to oversee the construction and distribution of the boxes.

Bailey reports:

I wanted to tell you that today was the day we handed out the pit latrine seats. Even though the rain dampened the situation the disabled community was very happy for seats. They thanked you and me a million times.


Appropriate Projects advanced the funds for this important project. The development work had been done, so all of our funds were able to go directly for production.

The craftsmen did a remarkable job of producing a quality product in a very short time. RECKLAS was able to extend their admirable work of assisting disabled individuals by distributing the seats to needy recipients.

The project can be considered as a very successful model that could be replicated in the future. The need for such a product is widespread, in Kasese, the rest of Uganda, Africa, and other parts of the world.

It remains to be seen if the concept can be expanded into a small business venture that could have wide impact for the disabled community. If you think this is a good idea, let us know.

We need your donations for this project. Please go to the project page and click on the Donate button. Any amounts in excess of the project cost will go to future projects of Bailey, and or her fellow-PCVs in Uganda.