Kamagambo Day Mixed Secondary School Rainwater Catchment Project – Kenya

Kamagambo, Rongo District, Migori County, Kenya

Community Description
Kamagambo is a rural community several kilometers north of Rongo. The population of the local Kamagambo area is around 18,755 people, according to the 2009 census. The community relies on harvesting water from rain and fetching water from the local creek. Kamagambo Day,

Secondary School was started in 2009, and this is its first year with form four candidates. The school is a Seventh Day Adventist-sponsored school, and many of the students are orphaned because of the high number of HIV/AIDS cases in the Luo community.

The secondary school has about 176 registered students, and is on the same compound as a primary school.

Problem Addressed
On the school compound, there are very limited water resources. During the dry season, the students and teachers are required to fetch water from the creek and local boreholes.

Project Description
This project is to build a rainwater catchment system at the school. The uses of the water will include watering the farm areas (most likely during the dry season), and providing water for students to drink during the day and during games time. The water will also be used in the kitchen when it is needed.

The system will be constructed by local community members who have past experiences in the installation of rain catchment systems.

The school consists of a series of step-down classrooms that were built on the compound’s sloped land. The plan is to have a train of gutters from the first classroom to the last classroom. The tank will be placed at the end of the last classroom to catch the gutter-collected water. The gutters will lead the water straight to the tank.

A 3,200-liter tank will be purchased and transported to the site. If there can be economies or if additional funds can be raised, a bigger tank will be used. The community will contribute whatever materials possible. Water Charity funds will pay for the remainder of the materials, which will include concrete, sand, gutters, and nails.

Project Impact
A total of 551 people will benefit from the project, including has a 176 students at the secondary school, 350 students at the primary school, and 25 staff members that work on the school compound.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Ben Switzer

This is an extremely important project for the school, which serves an important function in the community, operates with limited resources, and does not have an adequate supply of water for its daily needs.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.