Izmail Children’s Center Sanitation Project – Ukraine

Izmail, Izmail Region, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

Community Description
The city of Izmail is located at the southern tip of Odes’ka Oblast on the Danube River bordering Romania. It is the largest port city on the Danube in Ukraine with a long history with the Navy. It prides itself in a diverse community of Ukrainian, Moldovan, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Roma, and Turkish ancestry.

The city of Izmail is the Rayon Center for the region, a destination point to which citizens and children from surrounding villages travel for hospitalization and medical attention.

With a population of approximately 70,000 people, there are over 16 schools, and a large school boarding house, the orphanage that over 100 children call home.

The Children’s Shelter, found in the center of town, provides room and board for up to 30 children at one time. Many children come from unfortunate situations from surrounding villages, or from within the city, and seek medical attention and a place to stay.

Izmail Children’s Center Sanitation Project – Ukraine Children stay at the shelter for no more than a three-month period. After that, they must find more permanent arrangements elsewhere and usually turn to the local orphanage. Over 75 children a year call this place home for a short period of time while they are in a transitional phase of finding a home.

The shelter must be able to provide meals for up to 30 children per day. Currently, the kitchen sinks are unsanitary, and food preparation is difficult. Public funds are not readily available, and the shelter is unable to afford needed repairs.

At present, there are three large wash basins in the kitchen, which are misshapen, corroded with rust, and have broken filters. The small sink next to these is used as the handwashing station for those who work in the kitchen, and that is old, corroded and unsanitary as well.

Project Description
This project is to improve the sanitation and functionality of the kitchen at the shelter.

Under the direction of the Izmail Center of Social Services for Children, Families, and Youth, two kitchen sinks and a new handwashing station will be installed.

Izmail Children’s Center Sanitation Project – Ukraine Water Charity funds will go toward the purchase of a new small hand washing sink and faucet that is used by the cooks, the purchase of two new large sinks to replace the three corroded, deformed ones, and necessary piping and fittings.

Community partners will install the new sinks and faucet, and pay for transport of the fixtures and materials from the capital city of Kyiv.

Project Impact
Over 75 children yearly and 25 employees who work and eat at the shelter will benefit from the project.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Katherine Donner

The project will improve hygiene and better facilitate sanitation throughout the phases of preparation, cooking, and cleaning within the kitchen. This will allow for the preparation of healthful and safe meals for the children and improve kitchen conditions for the staff.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.