Conclusion of Hankan Borehole Project – Guinea

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer William Bacharach. To read about the start of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was designed to provide clean, safe drinking water for the public primary school in the community through the renovation of an existing well and the installation of a mechanical pump.

William reports:

Scope of the Project
This project’s scope was to provide safe pump water to the local primary school. Previously the school had a well which fell into disrepair and was no longer functional. The project’s aim was to utilize the existing well structure and create a functional well. By the end of the project, the goal was for the over 1,000 students at the school to no longer have to travel long distances to refill water buckets and to have direct access to water.

Work Done
Drilling equipment was used to drill down to the water table to ensure continuing functionality during the dry season in the coming years.

A new pump was installed and the top of the pump structure was sealed.

An area for drawing water was built and enclosed in a low wall. A drainage trough was built leading to a soak pit to prevent standing water and recharge the groundwater.

Stages Leading to End Result
Discussions began with the school, parent organization, and the chef du quartier. An action plan was established and the contractors selected. Funding was established, including the local community contribution. The project then moved forward quickly and efficiently to the completion of a fully-functioning well.

Comments from the Community
In a meeting of the parents’ organization, the community expressed immense gratitude for the help that was provided and the opportunity that the new pump provides for at the school.

We extend our thanks to William for completing this important project.  We are grateful to the Schaefer Family Foundation for providing the funding.