Conclusion of Halimatou Suare Women’s Group Garden Well Project – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Jessica Abad.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build a well for the Halimatou Suare Women’s Group.

Jessica reports:

I received the full amount and used it to purchase supplies (cement, rebar, pulley, rope, buckets, picks, shovels) and food for the workers (rice, onions, oil, salt, tea, and sugar). There were three well diggers (Alphaomar, Boubacar, and Souly), all local villagers, willing to do the work for the community for a small stipend. Wells usually cost about $600 for labor, but these three men in total only received food and about $200 total.

The men started by using shovels and picks, taking turns to dig the .80 meter wide well. The men worked every morning and evening digging. Since they were unskilled well masons, they simply dug 7 meters deep without lining the well with cement. Once they broke through a meter of rock, water started to pour out and they used the cement and rebar to make molds and line the inside of the well so it won’t collapse when the water sits there for long periods of time.

The well is now completed and the women have expressed great gratitude for the now easily- accessible water for both their garden and daily water needs.

One villager approached me since the completion to tell me he has the highest respect for my help in building this well. He knows that it was an unselfish act that I will never gain benefit from, but his village will be able to enjoy the well for many years to come.

As an American, I have never been concerned with water, but having this experience has opened my eyes and taught me how lucky we are to have easily accessible potable water at our fingertips. I hope to bring back home this experience and teach people about the importance of water in the third world.

We are grateful to Jessica for completing the project, and again express our thanks to Pravin Patel, who funded the project in memory of Valiben Patel.