Haivoron School #2 Water Project – Ukraine

Haivoron, Kirovohrads’ka Oblast, Ukraine

Community Description
Haivoron is a small Rayon center located in the western-most corner of Kirovohrads’ka Oblast. There are approximately 15,000 people living in Haivoron, most of whom work within the town, or in the surrounding villages.

The town has three schools, a bazaar, a park, and a cultural building, among other places of note.

Haivoron School #2 was built around the 1950s. It is located within the same yard as School #5, though there is only one other school located on the opposite end of town. The school sees more than 200 students – ranging from 1st to 11th form – and 50 staff daily. The school consists of 30 classrooms, a gym, and two small gathering halls, as well as a single bathroom with squat toilets.

There are three sinks within the school. One is placed within the bathroom for hand washing, and two are placed on opposite ends of the school. Those sinks are for gathering water for cleaning, as well as for the students and staff to drink from. There are also sinks in the cafe which are used for cooking and cleaning daily.

The sinks are old and cracked, and the faucets are rusted and corroded. The pipes are also dated and rusted, and the water filtration system is severely out of date. The combination of these issues makes for a serious sanitation problem for the students, the staff, and the community, in that their health is compromised on a daily basis.

The water quality has been tested, and reveals high levels of Nitrate (40 ppm), as well as high levels of pH (8), alkalinity (360 mg) and hardness (425).

Project Description
This project is to replace the water filters, sinks, and pipes at Haivoron School #2.

Two water filters will be purchased and installed, the first in the café, and the other near the bathroom, where the main water pipe is located.

The reverse osmosis filters will help to remove the Nitrate and Calcium that is building up in the water. This filter will also decrease the amount of sulfate in the water, which will bring the pH balance back to a normal level.

The five-stage filters will perform as follows:
Stage 1: Sediment filter removes particulates down to 5 microns
Stages 2 & 3: Carbon block filter removes chlorine taste and odors
Stage 4: TFC membrane rejects impurities down to 1/10,000th of a micron’
Stage 5: Final filter for enhancing water quality and taste

The sinks located in the bathroom, the cafe, and the two hallway sinks will be replaced, and new faucets will be installed.

New piping and fittings will be installed, eliminating much of the sanitation concerns surrounding the use of those sinks for cleaning and drinking.

Water Charity funds will be used to purchase new sinks with faucets and replacement piping.

The school will pay for the water filters with donations from the community.

The project is being carried out by Haivoron School #2 staff, which includes trained maintenance workers and community members.

Project Impact
This project directly benefits the 200 students and 50 staff members, as well as the surrounding community, including parents and visitors who frequent the school.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Patricia Dalinis

This is an important project which will result in improved water quality, greatly enhancing the health and wellbeing of students, staff, and the families in the community.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.