Conclusion of Groupe Scolaire Kamabare Rainwater Capture and Storage Project – Rwanda

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Kelly Miller.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to construct a rainwater capture and storage system at the Groupe Scolaire Kamabare.

Kelly reports:

We have completed our project at Groupe Scolaire Kamabare in Rwanda.

We are pleased to report that Groupe Scolaire (GS) Kamabare in Bugesera District, Rwanda is now able to use its 5000 L water tank to collect rain water. Rain that falls on one block of classrooms is captured by gutters lining both sides of the building. Tubes direct the water into the tank where it can be withdrawn via spigot. Within an hour (during a good rain), the tank can be completely filled.

Financial support for this project enabled us to purchase tubing and installation materials for channeling water from gutters to the tank, stones and cement for building a stand for the tank, transport of materials from the capital city, Kigali, to GS Kamabare, and labor. The project took approximately two weeks to complete.

The school is grateful for the support of Water Charity and CannedWater4Kids because now their tank is functional and will save the school much money over the duration of the school year. For example, the school is currently constructing latrines and all water used for construction is coming solely from the tank.

During the rainy season, the school does not need to purchase any water, as the tank is able to supply enough to meet their needs. It is also located in the center of the school campus, reducing the need for students and staff to haul water from the public tap off-campus.

This project has also had a positive environmental impact. Before the tank was installed, the rainwater from the classroom block was eroding the classroom block’s foundation. Now, the gutters and tubes direct the water into the tank and prevent further damage.

The headmistress of GS Kamabare has expressed profound gratitude for the support given to this project. The teachers, students and local community are grateful for the positive impact that this tank will now have on the school.

Our goal was to complete this project during the school break so that when the new academic year began in January, the tank would be ready to use. We are happy and excited that this has been accomplished and look forward to a healthy, productive school year. Thank you Water Charity!

We are grateful to Kelly for completing this great project, and to CannedWater4Kids for providing the funding.