Conclusion of Esidarie Primary School Latrine Project – Cambodia

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Nicholas Branch.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build a set of latrines at the school.

Nicholas reports:

I am happy to inform you of the completion of the Esidarie latrine project. It was a long process that took longer than expected, but in the end a new latrine with three additional toilets is available for the students to use at the elementary school. The toilets are now fully functional for faculty and students to use.

Construction was delayed because of the monsoon season, and because the original contractor backed out of building the latrine at the last minute. Construction then began with materials bought using Water Charity funds, including cement, pipe, bricks, and squat ceramic toilets.

Construction started with staff and students clearing the area of brush, and then builders worked for two consecutive weeks on building the latrine by laying bricks, installing pipes, tiling the latrine, and installing a roof.

Conclusion of Esidarie Primary School Latrine Project – Cambodia School administrator Ms. Samnang purchased all the materials for the bathroom in the provincial town of Battambang and worked directly with the contractor.

The school director and students raised funds to purchase tile for the outside and inside of the bathroom, and also bought additional materials to finish the roof made out of aluminum.

For two additional weeks after the construction workers dug behind the latrine to install the water filtration system for the toilets. Three construction workers did most of the work the entire time.

The local organization World Vision helped gave money to construct an extra toilet in addition to the two already built with the funds. An additional toilet was needed for the growing population of students, but this also made the construction process longer.

Even with the frustrations and delays the school is very happy with the completion of the bathroom and the school director is excited that the entire population of the school will have a bathroom to use.

I would like to thank Water Charity for the substantial contribution to this project and the donors that helped raise money to cover the costs!

We are grateful to Nicholas for completing this project, and again wish to thank those who have donated to date. We are still seeking donations.