Conclusion of Ematende Protected Spring Project – Kenya

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Latham Avery.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build a protected water spring in a central location of the community.

Latham reports:

The Ematende protected water spring project has successfully finished thanks to the hard work of its community members.

A protected water spring safeguards natural flowing water from surface contamination by using a metal pipe as an outlet for the water flow.

The first week and a half was used to gather all the necessary materials from three different surrounding villages. Once all of the supplies were accounted for the Village Health Committee donated their labor to start building immediately. The VHC was also kind enough to excavate the site before the project began and donated stones needed for the foundation.

A local engineer came to the site to assist the construction of the spring. He even built low cement ledges near the metal water pipe to help assist villagers place their jerry-cans on their heads. The community showed great enthusiasm to complete the project promptly and thoroughly.

The funds from Water Charity covered the cost of the whole project. It paid for the materials, transportation of materials and for the labor of the engineer. This project has a deep impact on at least 43 households that have close access to the water spring. Villagers will use the water for many aspects in their lives such as drinking, eating and cleaning. Furthermore, it will also help decrease the amount of water-borne diseases in the area, such as bilharzia, typhoid and dysentery.

We are grateful to Latham for completing this important project. We are still seeking donations.