El Pital and Las Tablas Spring Catchment Project – El Salvador

This project is build a new spring water catchment box and retaining wall to serve the communities of El Pital and Las Tablas.

The work will be implemented by El Pital ADESCO and Comite de Agua under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Jessica Henry.

El Pital and Las Tablas Spring Catchment Project – El Salvador

Caserios El Pital and Las Tablas are home to about 700 people, and are located in Canton La Magdalena, Municipio Chalchuapa, Departamento Santa Ana, El Salvador.

The two communities share the same water source, an underground spring. They are growing quickly, and are eager to protect their main water source through preventative measures and community collaboration.

The area has an ADESCO and Cooperative Las Tablas. A recent community collaboration resulted in the repair of the access road to the communities. Two holding tanks for water were recently completed under the El Pital Spring Water Project – El Salvador.

The problem facing the communities is that due to the heavy rains and flooding that plagued El Salvador this past October, the area surrounding the natural underground spring suffered a great deal of erosion. This spring is the singular source of water for the aforementioned communities, and without a retaining wall and an improved main water capture box (the caja), the area around the spring is in great danger of collapsing and may dislodge the existing tanks that provide water for the communities.

El Pital and Las Tablas Spring Catchment Project – El Salvador

The spring is embedded in the hillside, and if the earth around it collapses or is washed away in this year’s rainy season it will devastate the community. The repairs achieved with Appropriate Projects funds will protect the natural environment and ensure that these growing communities continue to have access to safe drinking water.

A 15 ft by 5 ft tall retention wall will be built at the point of origin of the spring to prevent further erosion and the danger of the collapse and landslide of the earth surrounding the spring.

The aging leaking spring box, put in 35 years ago, will be completely replaced. The finished spring box will measure: 3 x 3 meters and 125 cm tall.

Project funds will be used to purchase materials, including cement, iron bars, sand, bricks, and wire. Also included will be delivery of materials and food for the lunches of the workers.

All labor will be donated by various community members called upon by the water committee. The committee will send out convocations, or invitations, the day before the donated day of labor, requesting the head of household to present himself for work, or pay $5 so the committee can pay another person to do an additional day of work.

The whole community is contributing to the project. The water committee also has a list of skilled construction workers, about 15 in the community, and at least one of those skilled workers will be present each day of construction.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE. We are still soliciting donations for this project.