Conclusion of École Primarie de Darou Keur Ibrahima Sagnane Latrine Project – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Amy Watts.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to construct 2 new large latrines for the use of the students, teachers, and the remaining community.

Amy reports:

The communities impacted by the school latrine project are very grateful for the assistance of Appropriate Projects/Water Charities. As the PCV who initiated the project, I wish to extend my appreciation to the two very generous donors who provided full funding. Thank you!

Initially, the school director and the president of the Parents des Eleves designed the latrines based on designs commonly built at a household level. Although adequate, the latrines are subject to fail in 5 – 7 years. Once the funds were received and distributed to the school committee, the committee members (excluding the PCV) held a meeting to reevaluate the project. They agreed to redesign the latrines so that the projected longevity of the latrines would be approximately 20 years. They recalculated the costs for labor, materials and transportation, and thusly agreed that the committee would be responsible for raising additional funds to complete the project.

With the funds received from Appropriate Projects, all supplies were purchased and transported by donkey charette or bush taxi to the rural location of Darou Keur Ibrahima Sagnane. The mason, Mame Gor Sagnane, worked alongside two local lads to dig the pit. They then made cinder block bricks of cement, and with them, lined the pit and constructed a reinforcement wall.

The cap was constructed utilizing cement and iron rebar. The Appropriate Projects monies also paid for the purchase of two ceramic Turkish toilets, which are in storage. All funds have been accounted for by the PCV as well as the school committee. According to the budget submitted to Appropriate Projects, the project is completed.

Alas, due to the design change, the final product of two working latrines is on hold until the committee raises the funds to complete the bathroom stalls with cement brick walls, corrugated tin roof and privacy doors. Change happens!

Thank you again for assisting so many communities around the world!

We are grateful to Amy for wrapping up this project, faced with adversity, prior to her close of Peace Corps Service. We are optimistic that the community will raise the additional funds for their new design and complete the construction in short order. We also wish to again thank Sunil Amanna, with the help of Kahille Dorsinvil, for providing the funding.