Conclusion of Ecole 1 Ronkh Sanitation Project – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Sarah Kopper.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to rehabilitate the sanitation structure at the school to make it functional and hygienic.

Sarah reports:

Work commenced in the bathroom for teachers from out of town who are lodged at the school. First, a team of local boys dug a trench approximately 10 meters long so that the nearest water pipeline could be extended inside the restroom. The town plumber replaced the PVC to drain the toilet and shower with ones of adequate diameter. He then installed a shower head and indoor faucet so that the teachers would have access to running water in their restroom. Finally, he tiled the floor to allow for easier cleaning and to slow down damage done to the floor by salt in the soil.

Meanwhile, a local mason constructed a new cover for the uncovered septic tank, which had earlier been emptied of the plastic bags, bottles, and other trash that had accumulated within. Upon removing this trash, the septic tank was found to be in adequate condition and was not replaced. The sewage on the other side of the school that resulted from leaky pipes was removed and the hole was filled in with dirt. The leaky parts were then replaced.

After completing the teachers’ restroom in their living quarters, the plumber replaced damaged parts on the school’s handwashing station: He installed new water faucets, changed the existing drain, and replaced leaky connecting parts. With the remaining tiles, he was able to tile the floor of a restroom at the school.

Finally, the school director organized a school-wide morning of clean-up to celebrate the newly repaired faucets and to reinforce messages of good hygiene and maintenance.

Thanks to various minor but crucial repairs, the school is now able to use and clean its 5 working toilets. Furthermore, teachers from out of town who are lodged right next to the school are able to bathe and use the restroom under sanitary conditions. No longer do they have to worry about sewer pipes becoming clogged or taking bucket baths while standing over the toilet.

We are grateful to Sarah for completing this project so quickly and effectively, and again extend our thanks to the donor (who prefers to remain anonymous) who provided the funding.