Conclusion of Gubeta Bomba Well Repair and Training – Ethiopia

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This project has been completed as a collaborative effort between Water Charity, WiLI, and Wine to Water.  The project will continue to be monitored by WiLI staff on the ground.  Kyle Lomax (who has done a number of projects with WC) oversaw the effort, while Josh Elliot was the overall project director.  

The following is Josh’s conclusion report:The Hand Pump

This project was to repair the well, which was not functioning at full capacity.  The water had a fine taste, but the well had a very small yield.  Gubeta Bomba, the location of this project is at an elevation of 1618 m.  The well is at a depth of 72 m and a static level of 18 m.  The pump type utilized for this project was an India Mark II.  The well was developed, cleaned, and the pump repaired.  

There were also trainings for local workers in proper maintenance, care and repair for the well to help the well remain sustainable. The community is now very happy to access to clean water.

This project is the 3rd in our Ethiopia Well Rehab Program, which is itself an initiative of our East Africa Water & Sanitation Program.

Water Charity staff visited to site to talk with the people of the village and make sure the well was functioning properly.

We would like to thank once again Kyle, Josh, and the WiLI staff who helped make this project a reality.

Villagers around the WellThe pump