Conclusion of Buku Wolkite Village Well Repair – Ethiopia

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

This project has been completed with Kyle Lomax (who has done a number of projects with WC) overseeing the effort and Josh Elliot as the overall project director.  

The following is Josh’s conclusion report:

This project was to repair the well that was not functioning at full capacity.  The water was turbid (discolored) and there were concerns over amoebas and giardia caused by the water.  Buku Wolkite, the location of this project is at an elevation of 1,656 m.  The well is at a depth of  84 m and a static level of 38 m.  The pump type utilized for this project was an India Mark-II.  

Everything went smoothly.  The well was developed, cleaned, and the pump repaired.  The villagers are excited to have clean water.

Recently Water Charity executives, accompanied by a donor, had a chance to come to the site and see the finished work.  

This project is the 4th in our Ethiopia Well Rehab Program, which is itself an initiative of our East Africa Water & Sanitation Program.

We would like to thank once again Kyle, Josh, and everyone else who helped make this project a reality.