Conclusion of Dorobratovo Secondary School Water Tank Project – Ukraine

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Lauren Allbee. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to improve the water supply at the school to serve all of the bathrooms by installing a second water tank and connecting piping.

Lauren reports:

Upon receiving the funds, we proceeded that same day to purchase a 2-ton water tank as well as necessary piping and equipment needed to complete the project. Over the next two weeks, preparations for the water tank were made in the attic of the school.

We proceeded to install the water tank. Subsequently, the four separate indoor bathrooms were activated and opened to the faculty and student body of the secondary school in Dorobratovo, with the necessary support provided by the new water tank.

One quote that stuck with me throughout this project was from a fellow teacher at the school, Tetiana Vasiliivna. A week after the bathrooms open, she approached me and said, 

“I want to thank you Ms. Lauren. It is because of the new tank that my students no longer need 20 minutes (half of our 40-minute class periods) to get prepared to go outside and make the journey across the field to use the restroom. Now that they only need 5 minutes, productivity and a sense of focus has been brought back to the classroom. The water tanks have affected much more than the bathrooms in this school.”

This conversation with Tetiana really affected me because it revealed to me how versatile the effects of this project were on my school and my community. It is much more than a water project. It is indeed a community development project.

We are grateful to Lauren for her work in completing this project.