Conclusion of Chebunyo Sanitation Project – Kenya

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Cassidy Twyman.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to install four sanitation stations, two at each of the two schools, near the student latrines.

Cassidy reports:

The Sanitation Stations in Chebunyo were once again a success! The students and staff at Imara Primary and Chebunyo Primary were ecstatic and humbled.

Once I received the funds, I picked up the gutters and tanks (which had spouts installed) in Bomet town and had them transported back to my village. All other materials were purchased locally and the labor was done by a local “fundi” (carpenter) that was selected by each school.

The fundis first built a stand strong enough to hold each 500 liter water tank, and then the tin roofs were attached. Last, but not least, the gutters were put in place so as to allow rainwater to be harvested during the appropriate season. The variety of roofing and gutter placement has been eye opening!

The only complication we encountered was that the fundis required more gutters than were originally provided. I told the fundis to improvise until I could get them the specially-made gutters, and they did so by using extra tin sheets Fortunately we had just enough in the budget for me to retrieve the requested gutters for all 4 tanks!

The students and staff will receive a lesson on hygiene and sanitation, as well as proper use of the handwashing stations in the next two weeks.

We are grateful to Cassidy for completing this important project, which will have a widespread impact across two schools. We again thank Thomas Lightfoot for providing the funding.