Conclusion of Chamama Well Project – Malawi

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Tyler Walton.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build a well and install a pump to serve the village of Chamama.

Tyler reports:

The Chamama well project is finished. The project went very smoothly with only a few hang-ups.

Prior to project approval, the village had already collected bricks, sand and quarry stone for the project. After collecting the money, work on digging began right away. Lloyd dug down about 7 meters, and then got sick so work was delayed a few days.

When he recovered, the digging was completed and the well stood at about 11 meters deep. My counterpart, Texon, and I went to collect the pump and concrete while digging was taking place, and delivered the supplies to the project site. Lloyd and the villagers then walled up the side of the well with bricks and concrete, and made a concrete cap for the pump installation.

One of the members from the Pembera II well project was brought to teach the village about installation and preservation of the Malda Pump. Installation went well, and Lloyd finished up the drainage ditch.

The well was then complete and there was a celebration. At the celebration one of the community members said (translation) “Safe water has always been a dream, but we did not think we would ever see it in our village. Now we are delighted to see that it has come.”

We are grateful to Tyler for completing another important project. We again extend our thanks to the Elmo Foundation for providing the major funding. We are still seeking donations for the remainder.