Conclusion of Bushiri Rural Health Demonstration Center Water Project – Kenya

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Latham Avery.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to bring running water to the Bushiri Rural Health Demonstration Center.

Latham reports:

The Bushiri Rural Health Demonstration Center water project has been completed!

In spite of numerous unexpected delays and costs – such as replacing borehole pipes, which cracked when the wellhead was updated – the hospital and community refused to let the project fail. With time, the hospital was able to contribute funds (in addition to their initial 30% contribution) to back funds raised by community members themselves.

The health center, which sees nearly 200 patients per day, now boasts working faucets in the ER/examination room, the ante-natal clinic, and the pharmacy/registration room. Hospital staff is now able to wash their hands between patients, practice and demonstrate proper sanitation techniques, and minimize cross-contamination. Further, the hospital also now has the only three bathrooms in Bushiri that have both flushing toilets and working sinks.

Water Charity funds went towards fabricating and installing a high-pressure borehole wellhead, constructing a water tank stand, purchase of a water tank, minor plumbing, labor, and transport.

20 years ago, a plumbing system was installed at Bushiri Health Center, but due to lack of funding the project was never completed. Now, water can be manually pumped using the updated well-head into the overhead tank. Gravity then guides the water through the pre-existing plumbing system to the faucets and toilets.

The hospital staff and community members are absolutely thrilled and have expressed the deepest gratitude to Water Charity and its donors, not only for the monetary donation but for their patience, as well.

The impact of these funds on this community’s health is incalculable. They see this project not only as an improvement of their everyday quality of life, but also as a stepping stone to better things and a motivator to take action on their goals.

On behalf of everyone in Bushiri and myself, thank you!!

We are grateful to Latham for seeing this project through to its successful conclusion. We again thank the donors for providing the funding.