Conclusion of Bendikwai Rainwater Harvesting and Storage Project – Suriname

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Caroline Horlacher. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to provide the people of Bendikwai with a sustainable source of clean drinking and cooking water through a community-wide network of rainwater harvesting systems.

Caroline reports:

The project was intended to reduce waterborne illnesses in the village of Bendikwai by providing every man woman and child with a clean and sustainable source of water. This goal was achieved in that the entire community now has access to clean drinking and cooking water.

Forty-five 400-gallon rainwater catchment tanks have been installed, and are now accessible to everyone, even during the long dry seasons.

For each installation, a wood or concrete stand was built upon which the tank was placed. Gutters and piping, along with tank structures where necessary, were then installed to capture the runoff.

The community contributed all labor for the tank installations and lumber for the tank structures.

Villagers have been instructed in, and will be responsible for, the maintenance of the installations.

The people of Bendikwai are deeply grateful for the assistance of Water Charity, and will continue to use and maintain the rainwater catchment tanks for years to come. Thank you again for your donation to this project.

We extend our gratitude to Caroline for completing this ambitious and important project, and again wish to thank the Paul Bechtner Foundation for providing the funding for the Water Charity participation.

Conclusion of Bendikwai Rainwater Harvesting and Storage Project – SurinameConclusion of Bendikwai Rainwater Harvesting and Storage Project – Suriname