Conclusion of Barrero Pyta Modern Women's Bathroom Commission Project – Paraguay

Conclusion of Barrero Pyta Modern Women's Bathroom Commission Project – ParaguayThis project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Carroll Wallace. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

This project was to build 15 modern bathrooms in Barrero Pyta.

Carroll reports:

This project has been completed with the accomplishment of all project goals and objectives.

The goals of the project were to: construct sanitary bathrooms for the members of a local bathroom commission, and to teach the community members and their families about preventive hygiene maintenance and routines. In addition, the process of the completing the project was meant to strengthen leadership skills, inspire the ability to make goals and succeed, increase community project development, broaden the active members knowledge of available in-country resources, and share the steps to making strong community groups and grants.

There were no changes made in the project objectives. The committee reached their goals because they each received a bathroom, have gone through facilitation concerning preventive hygiene and maintenance routines, as well as inspired some of the members to continue the commission in hopes of accomplishing another project goal.

The project developed the individual capacity of its members by the ironic burden of its slow development. The project was repeatedly delayed because of waning motivation and a complete lack of support from the department (state) government and local county.

Conclusion of Barrero Pyta Modern Women's Bathroom Commission Project – ParaguayThe three-year time span for this project resulted in a loss of many original members. The 14 women who stuck it out to the ultimate phase saw all of the numerous stages a group can go through. They watched the group succeed, fail, and waited nervously as it almost came to an end multiple times.

The results of the project are sustainable. The only reoccurring cost is the water bill, which will not be altered in anyway by the construction of the modern bathroom. In 20-35 years the families will need to create a new septic tank, but due to the long life span of a septic tank, and the widespread knowledge that they do need to be replaced, each committee member has more than enough time to plan to create another septic tank.

The person who built the bathroom is a member of the community and because of this each member of the committee can easily contact him if there is a problem with their bathroom. If the bathroom does not function properly, each committee member has signed a contract that says they will be fiscally responsible for the repairs of the bathroom.

The group achieved its major indicator of success, the self-functioning ability of the group, and the motivation to continue, eagerly, to complete another project. Currently the group is already meeting, without the presence of the volunteer and is in the process of planning a future project. The group also has developed a working relationship with an in-country NGO to help them with future projects.

We again wish to thank The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for providing the funding for the participation of Water Charity in this project.

Conclusion of Barrero Pyta Modern Women's Bathroom Commission Project – Paraguay