Conclusion of Barkedji Sud Primary School Water and Sanitation Project – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Ann Marie Albright.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to bring potable water to the school and to construct bathroom facilities.

Ann Marie reports:

On behalf of the students, teachers, and greater Barkedji community, I would like to thank Appropriate Projects, in particular those who donated to our project. I am happy to report that our water and bathroom project has been successfully completed! This basic human needs project has and will continue to have real and lasting effects in the Barkedji community.

The school now has a functioning water tap on its grounds, allowing students to drink, use bathroom facilities, and clean chalkboards. The construction of a school bathroom was also completed. A 4 m x 3 m pit was dug and lined with cement. We capped the pit with a rebar-reinforced cement platform for safety and sanitary reasons.

Next a pipe for aeration was installed. The bathroom facilities consist of 3 separate chambers, one for the girls, the boys, and the last designated for the teachers. Each chamber is completely enclosed and equipped with a locking door to ensure privacy. The bathrooms sit in front of the pit and are connected by underground evacuation pipes.

The original plan was downgraded to the construction of 3 chambers and one water tap because of budgetary limitations.

Teachers gave the students their first hygiene lesson, explaining use of the facilities, the importance of keeping the bathrooms clean, and reinforcing the importance of hand washing with soap. We hope to continue with regular health and hygiene lessons.

Future works at the school will include installing an additional water tap closer to the bathroom. We also hope, because of the addition of the water at the school, to start a school garden.

Thank you!

We, in turn, extend our gratitude to Ann Marie, and again thank her friends and family for providing the funding for the project.