Conclusion of Bakai-Ata School Handwashing Station Project – Kyrgyzstan

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Athena Parker.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to provide 6 handwashing stations in 3 schools in Bakai-Ata.

Athena reports:

This project has been completed. As a result, 1,350 students and 110 teachers and staff members now have access to clean water for handwashing.

We started by printing lesson plans and handwashing/hygiene guides and making arrangements with a driver for transportation of the stations and delivery to the three schools. The next day, a local teacher and I went to Talas City to visit the bank and buy the six hand washing stations.

We explained our project to the shop owner, who was very excited and gave us a small discount. We used this extra money to buy soap and towels for each station.

We then delivered the stations to the three schools in Bakai-Ata. Each station was equipped with soap, a towel, and a laminated Kyrgyz language leaflet explaining how germs are spread, how to prevent sickness, and how to properly wash your hands. Each school was also given a short lesson plan in Kyrgyz and Russian to be taught to all students grades 1-7 on the spread of germs and the need for handwashing.

The school directors were very thankful and agreed to ensure that the hygiene lessons will be taught in their schools. One director said “This is very helpful. We could not have bought this on our own.”

The Lyceum’s school cook grinned while the hand washing station was placed outside her kitchen. She said, “Thank you so much! All the teachers will be envious at the seminar tomorrow.”

At this time all three schools have two handwashing stations, one near the cafeteria and one at the schools main entrance. All schools have begun to teach short hygiene lessons to the 1st-7th grades (about 850 students) and have agreed to allow Alex and me to teacher a longer class on hand washing in late April.

We are grateful to Athena for carrying out this project, which will have an impact on hygiene and public health in the entire community. Also, we again wish to thank The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust, with help from Athena’s friends, for providing the funding.