Avni Rustami School Bathroom and Water Project – Albania

This project is made possible through the partnership of Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association. 
This is a project under the LET GIRLS LEARN Program, a collaboration of First Lady Michelle Obama and the Peace Corps to expand access to education for girls around the world!

Tepelene, Gjirokaster, Albania

Community Description
Tepelenë is a town and a municipality in Gjirokastër County, southern Albania. It was formed at the 2015 local government reform by the merger of the former municipalities Kurvelesh, Lopës, Qendër Tepelenë and Tepelenë, that became municipal units. The seat of the municipality is the town Tepelenë. The total population is 8,949 (2011 census), in a total area of 431.24 km2.  The population of the former municipality at the 2011 census was 4,342.  The town is located on the left bank of the Vjosë river, about three kilometers downstream from its union with the Drino.

In 1920, an earthquake destroyed the town, which was completely rebuilt afterward; local tradition says that if Tepelenë exceeds 100 buildings then it will be destroyed. In the same year, 400 Italian soldiers surrendered to the Albanians, during the Battle of Vlora.

Problem Addressed
The Avni Rustami School restrooms are in need of repair.  These toilets and restrooms are visibly covered in mold, stall doors are rotting, and most toilets do not flush.  The bathrooms lack running water.  The lack of adequate restrooms hinders females students especially, as it exposes them to harassment or assault.  Most girls miss school during menstruation, as there is no running water for them to clean up.  The hygiene component is important for both genders and gastrointestinal diseases to a large degree can be prevented through good hand washing. Repairing the restrooms in the schools will eliminate these risks and distractions.

Project Description
This project will repair the 2 restrooms located in the north end of the Avni Rustami Primary School.  The repairs will include 10 toilets: 4 in the boys’ restroom and 6 in the girls’ restroom.   Five sinks will also be repaired; 3 in boys’ restroom and 2 in girls’ restroom.   One water heater will be installed which will be shared between the two restrooms.

The project will include repairing all 10 toilet stalls and ceiling of both of the restrooms, which leak water when it rains. These repairs in addition to any painting, wall repair, or tile installation are to be paid with the community investment part of the total budget.

Project Impact
This project will impact 400 students and staff directly as well as guests and visitors to the school.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Mohammad Ashique

Monitoring and Maintenance
Monitoring and maintenance will be provided by the Bashkia and will be supervised by the Tepelene Education Office.

This project is part of the LET GIRLS LEARN program sponsored by FLOTUS Michelle Obama.  It is intended to have a positive effect on keeping girls in school after they reach adolescence.  Lack of clean facilities is a leading cause of women dropping out of school. Water Charity is proud to have sponsored the very first LGL project and continues to be a leading contributor to the program, as evidenced by projects like this one.

Dollar Amount of Project

Donations Collected to Date

Dollar Amount Needed

Donations of any amount will be appreciated. The full amount will allow you a posted dedication if that is something you would like.

This project has been completed.  To read about the conclusion, CLICK HERE.