Conclusion of Aranh Primary School Filter and Handwashing Station Project – Cambodia

This project has been completed. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

Lydia Breckon, of Caring for Cambodia, reports:

Water Charity helped Caring for Cambodia provide clean water filtration and handwashing stations for students, faculty, staff and many student families at Aranh Primary School in Siem Reap province, reaching a total of 800+ people.

The majority of these individuals and families live in homes without water, and purchase or carry in and filter their own water supply for drinking, brushing teeth, cooking and handwashing.

Caring for Cambodia makes its water filtration and handwashing facilities available to the families of students and teachers, in the belief that healthy families are better able to support their children’s education. We see significant community use of our clean water facilities, as the villages around the school get to know CFC and value the educational opportunities available free to their children.

CFC identified a Cambodian water filtration company that uses sand bio-filters — a sustainable and affordable choice for our schools. With Water Charity support, CFC installed the filter and taught staff to conduct weekly maintenance and monthly water filter flushing, to ensure that all water on our campuses is clean and healthy.

CFC also refurbished a handwashing station, enabling students, staff and faculty and families to wash hands before meals.

We are grateful to RPCV Christin Spoolstra for organizing this project, and to CFC for the work they do in Cambodia.