Conclusion of Angmotreysatram Primary School Rainwater Storage Project – Cambodia

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Bruce Kelsey. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to install a new rainwater storage tank system, composed of 6 tanks, at the school.

Bruce reports:

This project went off smoothly, as has become the norm when working with this contractor, Nen Soda. I would personally like to thank Mr. Nen for taking time out of his busy schedule to complete these tanks in such an expeditious manner. And I would like to recognize him for how instrumental he has been in several of our other successes, since he has built all the latrine and water tank projects we have completed in Chum Kiri, as well as pouring the water runoff slab for the Ang Chak well project.

The school director was able to find all the building materials early last week and Mr. Nen’s crew started work on Thursday. They were able to get the foundation built Thursday and the slab and base pieces placed Friday.

On Saturday, I joined his crew with several other volunteers from the village. It was an especially memorable experience for me, as this is the first time they have actually asked for my help. Usually, it makes them uncomfortable when I try to work, because they feel it is beneath the dignity of such an ‘ancient’ individual. (This is true. I am nearly twice as old as the average Cambodian and since their culture respects age…) However, I’ve kept pushing my way into the work on each project and this time they welcomed the help, as my height gives me an advantage when lifting the top tank sections into place.

Sunday was also memorable, as it turned into the First Annual Angmotreysatram Sandcastle Day. The work crew wasn’t there yet when I arrived, so I showed the kids my mad skills at making drip castles. They all joined in and we had soon turned Mr. Nen’s whole sand supply into a sandcastle city.

Thanks again to Mr. Nen and his assistant for working Sunday afternoon, even though it is their normal day off. This allowed the grouting to be done a day early.

The tank interiors had the sealant applied Monday and the rain gutters and lids were installed…and it rained hard Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, so we are in business!

The director asked me to pass along his thanks and the thanks of his students to Appropriate Projects and all the donors. These tanks will be a huge time saver for them and save them the labor of carrying buckets of water to the bathroom cistern and garden.

We again extend our thanks to Bruce for completing this project, his ninth in partnership with Water Charity. We are truly grateful to his friends and family for providing funding for his string of successful projects, and again wish to thank the Paul Bechtner Foundation for providing the major funding for this project.