Madagascar Water Project

Marolambo Water Rehabilitation Project – Madagascar

Water Charity’s “WATER FOR EVERYONE” initiative in Madagascar aims to provide clean water for all. The Marolambo project is an important part of this initiative. Following a feasibility study in May 2023, a kiosk model was selected for greater efficiency. The project includes the rehabilitation of upstream facilities, pipelines and distribution systems, as well as […]

Water for Everyone – Madagascar

Coming off recent success in The Gambia and Liberia, Water Charity is embarked on another Water for Everyone Project in Madagascar. We have been active in Madagascar from early on in WC history, having sponsored many dozens of projects in recent years and touched hundreds of villages. Our primary intervention there has been in the […]

Conclusion of Village Well Program Phase II – Madagascar

Water Charity has completed Phase II of our Village Well Program in Madagascar.   This project has been completed under the direction of Fred Rittelmeyer, NPCA and THE MADAGASCAR WATER PROJECT INC.  This project has been completed. To read about the start of the project, CLICK HERE. The Madagascar Water Project (MWP) has been a huge success overall and Phase II […]

Village Well Program Phase II – Madagascar

This Program is made possible through a partnership of WATER CHARITY and THE MADAGASCAR WATER PROJECT INC. Village Well Program Phase II: twenty-two wells in 14 villages in Madagascar Background Water Charity’s partnership with The Madagascar Water Project began last year. Thirteen water wells were drilled in six villages that now provide clean water to over 15,000 […]

Village Well Program Phase I – Madagascar

This program is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION, working with THE MADAGASCAR WATER. Village Well Program Phase I:   ​8 Wells For Six Villages in Madagascar Location:  Six Villages (Fokotany), East Coast of Madagascar; Region of Antsinanana; District of Mahanoro Commune of Masomeloka:                    Fokotany of Masomeloka, […]

Conclusion of Village Well Program Phase I – Madagascar

We have completed the Village Well Program Phase I – Madagascar successfully and a large number of Malagasy people now have access to water. To read the original project goals and information, CLICK HERE. We would like to thank Fred Rittelmeyer for his incredible dedication and ability on this project and all the other great work he has […]