Urgent Challenge to Complete Katie’s Latrines

We previously reported on the urgency of the need to raise funds to complete Kate McKenna’s project to provide latrines for the entire community of Chuisuc, Guatemala.

The latest news is that all of the holes have been dug for all of the latrines in the community! This increases the urgency, to say the least.

An extremely generous donor, Bruce Bain, has stepped up to the plate, and issued the following offer:

He will match all donations, dollar for dollar! However, the donations must be made before Midnight on March 17.

Water Charity started the funding of this project with our contribution of $1,500. Katie quickly completed 20 latrines, demonstrating her amazing capacity for performing as promised.

Katie then reported that she had an additional $1,075 lined up from friends and family. At that point, Bruce offered to match every donation above that, up to $2,000, to enable Katie to finish the project.

We have reached and surpassed the $1,075 threshold, so every dollar you contribute now results in a two dollar contribution to the project. No part of your contribution goes for salary or administrative costs.

We urge you to contribute at once, by clicking on the Donate button. Let us know it is for Katie’s latrine project.

You can read the background of this project HERE.