Update on Katie B’s School Project

Katie in El ZapoteKatie is getting ready to complete her extended Peace Corps tour the end of April, and the she still needs to finish the handwashing stations and latrines for the school. The school will then be certified as a Safe School, under a program run by the Guatemalan government.

Katie was getting so anxious to move things along, she actually started to buy the materials from the hardware store on credit!

Yesterday, we gave a presentation before the Crestline-Lake Gregory Rotary Club, and they immediately made a generous donation to Katie B’s School Project. I promised we’ll put a plaque on one of the latrines.

Water Charity was so anxious to get the remaining funds to Guatemala in a hurry, we decided to fund the balance ourselves. We mailed the check today. We want to thank our local Postmaster, Jeri-Lynn Miller, both for inviting us to speak at the Rotary Club meeting, and for making sure the check arrives quickly.

To read the background information on Katie B’s School Project, Click HERE.

This project has been successfully completed by Peace Corps Volunteer Katie Bovitz, through the generosity of the Rotary Club of Crestline.