Twitanthropy – Micro-Donations for Water Projects

TwitanthropyTwitanthropy is based on the concept that many individuals, each donating a little at a time, can together make a difference. The website accepts small donations of 25 cents to $10.00 to be used for different types of water, sanitation, and public health projects.

The website was favorably reviewed HERE.

Twitanthropy is powered by Twitter and TipJoy. Twitter, the fastest-rising social media concept, enables people to communicate with each other, 140 characters at a time. If you are not Twittering yet, there is no cost or obligation; just sign up HERE, and you’re on your way.

TipJoy is one of the thousands of Twitter-based application that has arisen to make Twitter more functional. In this case, individuals can make tiny donations to causes of their choice with a single click.

The system even enables Twitterers who haven’t signed up for TipJoy to use the application. Your “donation” is really a “pledge”. At some point, you will be asked to honor your pledge.

To see how easy it is to use TipJoy, just go to and click on the TipJoy button in the left column to donate 25 cents.

In addition, you can use TipJoy to donate $1 directly to Water Charity by clicking on the TipJoy button in the right column of this website.

The added benefit of using Twitter and TipJoy together is that each time you do so, you are publicizing your favorite cause to thousands of others who read your tweets. You are not just giving a bit of money; you are giving exposure to a great cause.

Read the great blog posted by Charity Champs reviewing Twitanthropy, and the concept of microphilanthropy.

Micro-giving is not going to replace standard giving any time soon. We still want you to make a donation by going to our Donate page and giving what you can afford. However, micro-donating little amounts for good causes gives you the opportunity to be impulsive, and to get the immediate gratification of doing the right thing, right now.