Running Dry, an Urgent Need

Running Dry“Running Dry” is a comprehensive public information/education project, established to raise awareness regarding the worsening global humanitarian water crisis. The projects centerpieces are two explosive and enlightening in-depth documentaries. “Running Dry”, and “Running Dry: The American Southwest”. The project was inspired by former U.S. Senator Paul Simon’s book “Tapped Out”, the coming world crisis in water and what we can do about it.

Water Charity is an international organization, with projects throughout the world. However, we don’t have to travel far from our headquarters in Southern California to find issues to be dealt with and projects to be done.

We support the work of The Chronicles Group in bringing to the forefront the devastating outcome of doing nothing despite the clear warnings of impending disaster.

Jim Thebaut, the President and Founder of Chronicles, points out that the domestic water crisis is most clearly seen in the Southwestern United States. The Colorado River is going to out-strip the amount of water supply that will be available within the region, and this could lead to chaotic conditions in the not-too-distant future.

The community with the greatest vulnerability is that of Native Americans. On the Hopi and Navajo Reservations there are Third World conditions and concerns that in the very near future water resources will dry up.

There are problems that require urgent attention. We urge you to visit the Running Dry website at Check the resources, read the compelling argument, and watch to videos. We are sure you will conclude that this is the time we must take action.