Women’s Center – Morocco

A Women’s Center is being built in a small community in Morocco. Water Charity is participating in this large project by funding the water and sanitation portions of the construction.

Morocco Map

The Women’s Center will be a place for women to spend time outside of the home, attending literacy classes and learning handicraft skills such as sewing and embroidery.

In addition, the Women’s Center will have a Health Room where the local nurse and midwife will donate their time. By attending health education sessions and bringing their children in for vaccinations, women will gain health knowledge and share it with their families.

The project is being implemented by Peace Corps Volunteer Erin Atwell.

Fourteen local girls met weekly to organize a plan for the center. The Ministries of Health and Social Development recognize the importance of this center and are providing the equipment necessary for the success of the project. The Association for Cooperation and Development is committed to making an initial contribution of land, as well as funding the monthly upkeep of the center.

Community - Morocco

Water Charity is pleased to be able to provide the plumbing and fixtures for the bathrooms and kitchen. This project demonstrates the profound impact that can be brought about by various organizations coming together for a common goal.

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The following donations are acknowledged and appreciated:

Cory and Sue Wilson – $100, with the dedication:
This donation is on behalf of our sister, Pattie Saunders of Las Vegas Nevada. Good luck and God bless.

Heather Van Rykn – $25, with the dedication:
Sharing birthday wishes for my friend Denece Dodson.
This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.