What We’re Doing – Right Now!

In our Right Now! section we bring you up to date on what we are doing right this minute. We update it periodically, as the need arises, so it should be one of the first places you go to keep current. You also can keep track of what we are doing by subscribing to our RSS Feed. Just go to the front page of our site and click on the orange symbol in the right column under the Syndicate heading. Most of our projects are carried out under our Appropriate Projects initiative, and are covered daily on that website. We are volunteers, devoting substantially all of our time and personal resources to this endeavor. In contrast to large organizations, we spend everything that we receive on real projects on the ground. If you like the direction we are taking, please donate what you can. Hopefully, you will stop what you are doing, and donate Right Now! We believe very strongly that one plus one adds up to more than two. In that regard, as detailed below, we have reached out to various other charitable groups and government organizations in order to build alliances, and thereby multiply our efforts. There is strength in unity. We ask you to read through all of the posts in this section, and let us know what you think.