Wat Potaram Pre-School Cafeteria Project – Thailand

Wat Potaram Pre-School Cafeteria Project – ThailandFollowing on her successful Wat Potaram Pre-School Bathroom Renovation Project – Thailand, Peace Corps Volunteer Heather Chadwick is implementing a larger project at the same school.

Baan Nong Hai Village is a small, agricultural community located in Maha Sarakham Province in the Northeastern region of Thailand.

Wat Potaram Pre-School is one of two pre-school centers in the local district. Located on the grounds of a temple, the school serves 75 students, ages 3-5, with 5 teachers and one cook. Since Buddhist traditions play a very important role in the lives of the villagers, the temple and pre-school area are frequently used for community events as well.

Wat Potaram Pre-School Cafeteria Project – ThailandCurrently, there are no appropriate facilities in the school for the students to use at meal times. Instead, the students eat on the classroom floor, which is very crowded, not conducive to food distribution, and, most importantly, unsanitary.

The cafeteria will be attached to the pre-school, and will contain a food preparation and serving area, as well as tables and chairs. The Water Charity’s participation in the project will pay for the water-related aspects of the project. These include the fixtures as well as piping for supply, distribution, and wastewater removal in the new cafeteria.

The project is structured so that community families and workers will provide the labor. The many community stakeholders active in this project include local government staff, teachers, parents and students.

Wat Potaram Pre-School Cafeteria Project – ThailandThe teachers plan to use this opportunity to increase awareness about overall sanitation through hand washing lessons before and after meals and other health tutorials.

This project will directly benefit 81 people, and indirectly benefit several hundred more community members who use the facility for various community events.

This is a high-impact, immediately-effective project that will serve large numbers of villagers and students. It will reduce disease by creating hygienic conditions for years to come.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.