Village Improvement Project – Fiji

This project is a portion of a larger endeavor to raise the standard of living within a rural village of Fiji by creating a safer and healthier village environment.

Fiji Map

Our project funds will be used for constructing a V-drain (a V-shaped cement drain) in an area prone to heavy water flow during rain. After the recent floods in Fiji, the village experienced landslides and flooding right up to some houses as a result of the hand-dug drains not being sufficient. A V-drain will be able to adequately handle a heavier flow of water and divert it away from houses.

Other work being done by the village includes building a cement footpath from one section of the village to another. Footpaths have been an ongoing project in the village, and the area targeted is the final priority area without a footpath. It is considered a priority by the village development committee because it is a heavily frequented place, and it becomes muddy and slippery after only a minimal amount of rainfall.

Finally, a cow fence will be constructed to house a number of village cows that are presently left to roam. Cow dung is prevalent around the outside of the village and is linked to health conditions such as leptospirosis and typhoid. The dung is in areas where children play, and attracts flies that can pass on the disease.

The work is being done under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer N. Parker. The village is contributing 38% of the total project cost.

The work being done has been identified by the village as of great importance to the safety and health of the people living there. The substantial commitment of labor and money by the community will ensure that the project components will be maintained into the future.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.