Thiabedji Orchard Well – Senegal

Thiabedji, Region of Kedougou, Senegal

Community Description
Thiabedji is a village of approximately 1,200 people, located about 35 kilometers from Kedougou, the region’s capital city. It is considered a center point for about 10 smaller villages nearby, making it quite diverse linguistically and culturally.

While Pular is the main language of Thiabedji, there is a fairly equal mixture of Pular, Malinke, and Bedik spoken in the surrounding villages.

Large-scale fruit farming has become popular in the area. However, there is a shortage of knowledge and experience in the planting and cultivation of fruit trees.

Thiabedji is the home of an ideal example of an orchard. The owner of the farm is an expert in local methods of tree care and orchard management, and has created a network of fruit-tree farmers in the area. The network will allow local tree farmers to come together for trainings and discussions.

Inside the orchard, there are about 60 mango trees of all sizes, about 20 banana plants, and many local fruit trees. It is the ideal site for a demonstration orchard for all those interested in starting or improving their own.

Last year locals from 8 different villages came to the orchard to learn how to graft mango trees. This year, in partnership with local development organizations, trainings in many other categories will be offered.

A year-round source of water is needed to make this fruit tree demonstration site effective in teaching orchard growing techniques to the communities.

Project Description
This project is to construct a well in the middle of the demonstration site. This will allow for trees to be watered all year around, a requirement for some of the technologies that will be taught and demonstrated.

The well will be dug by local diggers to a depth of about 10 meters and will have a cement lining. A manual rope pump will be installed to allow easy access to the water to allow mass watering. The well, being close to the village, will also be a source of water for those nearby.

Project Impact
This project will impact all of Thiabedji and the 10 villages that surround it, thereby helping hundreds of people through increased fruit production, and the resultant health benefits and economic stimulus.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Sheila McAtee

A demonstration project has the ability to produce results far beyond the immediate effect of a small construction project. Villagers will be able to learn new techniques, apply them in their own orchards, and teach them to others in their communities.

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