Siñcu Jerre Deep Well Project – Senegal

NPCA & WC LOGOSThis project is made possible through the partnership of Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association.

Village KidsSiñcu Jerre, Tambacounda, Senegal

Community Description
The project will take place in the rural village of Siñcu Jerre, a Pulaar village, located 17k west of Koussanar, Tambacounda by bush path. The road connecting the two is passable only by motorcycle, bicycle, or horse-drawn cart. It is a small developing sustenance-farming village that houses 180 people. The village has no electricity or running water. There were two existing wells, one with a hand-pump, that were both once functional, until they dried up.

Problem Addressed
Currently, water is not accessible within a reasonable distance (a five-kilometer walk) from the people’s homes year round.

Project Description
This project is to provide a clean, accessible water source for Siñcu Jerre by means of digging a new well.

Additionally, training in water sanitation will be held in the village. At least ten women and five men will be trained in proper water care. This will involve the importance of cloth filtering, covering of transport and storage containers, and purification using bleach. Once trained, this core group of community members will extend the techniques and knowledge gained to the rest of the community.

Because the wellhead will be raised and partially covered, contaminated runoff into the water source will be minimized, thus maintaining the purity of the water.

The water will be used for for drinking and cooking, with plans to use it for gardening in the near future.


The well will be 55 meters deep. It will be hand-dug by a professional team in the region (Mustafa Diallo).  A donkey-pulley system is used by the team of well diggers to remove the mud. The 5-man team has previously built a well using this technique in a neighboring village, Siñcu Farra.

The walls of the intake are lined with cement cylinders with every meter dug. The well will have a cemented waist-high lip with a cemented area for runoff.  A pulley and rope system will be used to draw water from the well.

Water charity funds will be used to purchase the materials, including cement and rebar, and pay for the labor and transport of the materials.  The members of the community will provide the food and lodging for the team of men digging the well, as well as the unskilled labor.

Woman of the villageProject Impact
The entire village of 180 people will profit from a secure, year round water source.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Susi Algrim

Monitoring and Maintenance
The well will be constructed using appropriate technology by professional contractors. In this way it will last and provide a long-term water source for the village.

If any repairs are needed, the communitywill pool resources in order to pay for these repairs.

The sanitation training will create lasting knowledge for the community. Community members trained in sanitation techniques will pass on that knowledge to other people in the village and the surrounding villages.

Water Charity appreciates all the great water and sanitation projects that have come from the amazing PCVs of Peace Corps Senegal. To check out the impressive projects CLICK HERE. You will find many, many pages of great work done, as Senegal is the current country leader for Water Charity projects.

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