Reservoir Construction Project – Ethiopia

Ethiopia MapThe community of Arjo Guddettu, Ethiopia, located in the Western region of Oromia, 380 Km from Addis Ababa, is a rapidly developing town. Established only 20 years ago it has grown from a small village to a bustling area for agriculture trade and livestock rearing.

The community, now 13,000 strong, relies on local water springs for a constant source of fresh water. These water springs are unprotected from debris, and water that is not collected flows along mismanaged waterways. This creates seasonal overflow and ground erosion.

During times of heavy rain access to the springs is difficult. Furthermore, there is high rate of waterborne illnesses due to the accumulation of contaminated water.

This project is to create a number of stone reservoirs to protect the natural springs that serve the community. This will ensure access to clean drinking water as well as control the water run-off in a responsible way.

The project is being implemented under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Gail Bachman.

The community will provide materials needed in the construction of the stone reservoirs. Volunteer workers have organized to create a management team as well as to assist in the construction.

Reservoir Construction Project – Ethiopia

Local health extension workers have volunteered their time to help educate the community on the importance of safe water practices.

This is a very worthy project that will impact upon a great number of people in need of year-round access to clean water.

The participation of Water Charity in this project has now been funded, through the generosity of Six Senses Resorts & Spas as a part of their Clean Water Projects initiative.

Any donations using the Donate button below will go toward additional water and sanitation projects in Ethiopia.

This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.