Progress Report – Kindergarten Catchment Project – Ghana

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Digging Foundation - GhanaOur participation in this project is to fund the rain gutters around the building, which will feed a water storage tank. Although this portion of the project comes later in the construction, we will provide progress reports as the work progresses.

The old school for the KG/Preschool currently houses some 30-40 children in a mud hut environment. With a large number of children in the community, the school is well beyond capacity. The new school construction was started in a field in front of the old school.

Peace Corps Volunteer Alan Ruge reports:

In the first two days of work by community members, they dug the foundation by hand and poured concrete and standing rebar for the pillars. After a day to cure, the first foundation blocks were laid and the work progressed.

As of this time, the community has been working for seven days and they have placed the foundation and cemented in the first six rows of blocks.

Classroom Walls - GhanaBasic construction in Ghana is done with solid concrete blocks that are 9 x 18 inches and are 6 inches thick for the foundation and then 5 inches thick for the walls. To begin we had 1,350 blocks delivered. We have over 1/3 already used, as well as cement, sand, gravel and rebar.

There was a break of 3 days for the funeral of the retired headmaster of the school. Now that this is over we anticipate a fairly prompt construction schedule with an end date in February or March, 2010. We are already looking forward to the end product and this wonderful new addition to the community.

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