Perspektiva Bathroom Project – Ukraine

Zaporozhye, Zaporiz’ka Oblast, Ukraine

Community Description
The city of Zaporozhye, population of approximately 800,000, is located in the Zaporizhka Oblast, the southeast portion of Ukraine which borders the Sea of Azov. The economic factors of the region are industry and agriculture, as they have been for many years.

The city is host to two of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine: Khortytsia Natural Culture Reserve and the Dniper Hydroelectric Station. At the time of its completion, the station was the largest in the Soviet Union, and still draws numerous visitors throughout the year. Coupled with a visit to the Khortytsia Fort, one of the main ancestral homes of the famous Cossacks, Zaporizha is a wonderful and historic city.

While Zaporozhye is instrumental to the metalworks industry of Ukraine, the local government lacks the financial stability to support the needs of all the social service organizations within the city.

Perspektiva is a three-year-old non-governmental organization, designed to assist people with disabilities to reintegrate to society. The organization itself offers multiple skill-building workshops, social interaction opportunities, as well as operates multiple resource centers to provide clothing, equipment, and household appliances to those who are registered as disabled.

Recently, Perspektiva has been growing and is in the process of moving to a new office. In this office, all aspects of the organization will function from a central location making it much easier to streamline all projects and programs offered. Currently, the organization works with 15 volunteers, and will continue to organize trainings and workshops for the special needs population of Zaporozhye.

Unfortunately, the new office only has one bathroom, which houses one non-working toilet and no sink. The facilities have not been used in many years and therefore the pipes have broken and require renovation as well.

Project Description
This project is to renovate the existing bathroom to support the needs of clients, staff, and volunteers of Perspektiva.

First Step: The current, non-working toilet, damaged sink piping, as well as 16 meters of corroded plumbing, will be removed.

Second Step: The old plumbing system will be replaced with new “Ecoplastic” tubes to allow for longer use and less impact on the local environment. Mountings for two toilets and two sinks will be created. One of each (toilet and sink) will be specially designed for people with disabilities.

Third Step: Once the mountings have been successfully installed, the new toilets and sinks will be delivered and installed. Damaged tiling will also be replaced during this stage of the process.

Water Charity funds will be used to purchase and deliver replacement piping, two new toilets, and two new sinks (with faucets) designed to meet the needs of the population Perspektiva serves. Funds will also be used to purchase supplies required for installation.

Perspektiva will assist and supervise the implementation of the project from start to finish and will fund labor and additional costs. All work will be completed by hired professionals or members of the Perspektiva community.

Project Impact
This project will directly benefit the current population of 30-40 people with disabilities that attend programming sponsored by the organization, the three staff members, and the 15 volunteers that work at the organization.

With the expansion and support of this project, these numbers are anticipated to increase, as the city currently has a registered disabled population of 35,000.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Peter Isaac

Water Charity funding fills the need created by the lack of governmental or other funding for critical social services and facilities for a vulnerable and needy segment of the population.

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