Murram Pump and Well Improvement Project – Kenya

Murram Community Area, Misikhu Sub-Location, Misikhu Location, Webuye Division, Bungoma East District, Western Province, Kenya

Community Description
The Murram community is a rural area of approximately 2,000 people. This is an agricultural-based community focused primarily on growing vegetables and raising dairy cattle. Most families in the area live well below the poverty line and survive only on small-scale subsistence farming.

When unable to own land, many in the area will often support themselves and their families by working as farm hands and as house workers. These are typically the poorest and the most numerous people in the area and are often burdened with the most work.

This area also has a very limited community infrastructure: there are currently no public schools, no community health center, no community market, and only two small shops with limited household supplies.

Access to clean water is always a significant challenge to the Murram area. Unclean water has led to a number of waterborne diseases and public health issues. There are currently no public boreholes and no developed water springs within the area.

The main source of water for the community is centrally-located public water well. However, this is an underdeveloped and unsecure water source that is frequently contaminated and has actually led to the death of several local animals. It is also said to be one of the biggest dangers to area children even though it is often the children who are sent to fetch water. Despite these issues, this well is still the main source of water for the community and is often the only source of water during the 4-month dry season.

Project Description
This project is for the installation of a new public water pump over an unsecured public water well. Specifically, this is the installation of a reciprocating hand pump that has been specially designed to meet the requirements for “village level operations” as specified by international development organizations.

The pump is able to pump up to 1,300 liters of water per hour and is suitable for continuous operation over long periods. It is made of rugged, all-galvanized steel for corrosion resistance and long life, is simple to operate at the village level, and is designed for ease of maintenance with basic tools and cheap, readily available parts.

The project also includes the reinforcement of the current water well in order to prevent any future contamination.

Project funding will cover the entire cost of construction, construction materials, and installation.

The Murram Community Group, representing the leadership of the Murram area, will direct the project. Installation is expected to take one week. A construction manager and a finance manager have been designated to keep the project on schedule and under budget.

Project Impact
Approximately 2,000 people will benefit from this project.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Brian Shultzabarger

The new water pump will provide the Murram community with improved access to clean water and reduce the prevalence of waterborne diseases resulting from the unsecured water well.

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$0.00 – This project has been fully funded, through the generosity of the Elmo Foundation.

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