Maui North Shore Beach Cleanup – USA

Positive H2O We are extremely pleased to announce a new partnership between Water Charity and Positive H2O (+H2O). To kick off the collaborative relationship, on October 24, 2010, Positive H2O will host a Coastal Cleanup on Maui’s North Shore as a part of Community Work Day’s island-wide “Get the Drift and Bag It” campaign.

In addition, clean up participants, as well as the community, will attend an evening Fundraiser, with proceeds going towards the +H2O Water Charities Fund, contributing to future +H20 clean water projects.

Pascal Bronnimann - Positive H2O Positive H2O is a team of four professional windsurfers, international athletes and watermen, bound together by a passion for their profession, love of the water and desire to make a difference in the world.

Positive H2O has committed to putting on events, sponsoring and implementing projects, and raising funds to assist Water Charity in our worldwide effort to provide water and sanitation to those in need.

To date, Water Charity has initiated over 300 projects in over 60 countries. This collaboration will allow us to continue to impact upon death and illness resulting from waterborne diseases and to provide access to safe water for everyone in the world.

Positive H2O has already begun to raise money for Water Charity through a campaign to encourage donors to Donate on the Water Charity website.

The work of Positive H2O and their relationship with Water Charity is further described in a new article that appears in Windsurfer International magazine.

This project has been completed. To read about the conclusion of this project, CLICK HERE.