Luiz Navarro de Britto School Water Project – Brazil

Clean Water For Kids at Luiz Navarro de Britto School in Brazil

This project has been successfully completed.  Scroll down to read the conclusion #below the project proposal.

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.


Itiúba, Bahia, Brazil

Community Description

Itiúba is a village located at the semiarid northeastern region of Brazil in Bahia state, with a population of 36.000. The town presently provides only 19.6% of households with adequate sanitary sewage.

Instituto Diamante Verde (IDV), is an active nonprofit in the region, and has completed a total of 3 rainwater catchment systems with Water Charity. There have also been a number of tree planting projects.   We share the pride of the communities and IDV and are pleased that these projects have proven to be important to the welfare of the communities as a sustainable solution for its needs.

IDV has also engaged in a number of other environmental, social service, and cultural programs. They participated in the construction of a school, made improvements in the road that gives access to the village, and constructed a new health post.

The Luiz Navarro de Britto School is one of the 50 schools of the regions, with an exceptional and active leadership among the municipality, which creates relevant opportunities for professional training and the dissemination of technical skills to teachers of the region, as well as engaging the children of the village.

Problem Addressed

Currently, the children drink from a well located in the school courtyard. After sports or meals, the children all drink from this well. The well water is not safe, or free of all contamination.

The children at the school do not have any air conditioning system, and on the hottest days, the water of the well gets very warm by the sun’s heat.  It has been the only option for the children, though, to drink this warm and questionable water daily.

Project Description

This project is to purchase and install a water filtration system and drinking fountain at Luiz Navarro de Britto School.

The drinking fountain, capable of filtering the contaminated water, will be installed to provide filtered and freshwater for drinking, and the cooking staff will monitor it.  It is a model manufactured in 430 Stainless Steel externally, that will attend to the needs of well over 400 people, and dispenses cold water with water temperature between 5ºC to 10ºC because it is equipped with thermostat model RC 42600.  The Invensys Robertshaw with temperature regulation forced Air Condensation with Elco Micrenerizer with thermal protector, calibrated with R134a Ecological Gas, will be installed professionally.

The filter has 200 Liters capacity and four taps. It is the first industrial electric drinking fountain acquired, finally attending the demand for fresh and abundant water for the students and workers.

Equipment will be purchased in the neighboring city. The installation will be done by a member of the community, who will be available for repairs should they ever need doing.

Water Charity funds will be used to purchase materials, including the drinking fountain, pump, piping, and valve.

Project Impact
470 people will benefit from the project, as well as anyone who visits the school.

Volunteer Directing Project

Reginaldo Silva Araújo will implement the project (President of IDV)


The water filtration system and drinking fountain is the appropriate technology for providing clean water for drinking and cooking to the students and staff.

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This project has now been fully funded through the generosity of the Instituto Diamante Verde volunteers.

We encourage others to continue to donate using the general Donate button so that we have funds on hand for future projects in Brazil.

Conclusion Report

The stainless steel water filter/fountain was purchased, delivered and installed without incident.  All four taps are currently flowing clean and cold water on demand!

The children of the school are thrilled, as can be expected… and the teachers are pretty happy as well.

Due to the robust construction, this machine should last for decades without any issues.  All the fund’s outlay were recouped before the project even got underway.  We encourage you to continue to donate to this project through, because with more money we can do more projects like this… and any funds above our costs donated to this project will go directly to securing more filtration systems and having them installed in the nearby schools who are also struggling.

Much gratitude goes to Reginaldo’s brilliant daughter Rosangela Araújo without whom this project could never have happened.