Local Community Action

We helped found a local group, in Lake Arrowhead, California, which we believe may become a model for other groups throughout the country.

The group, Green Team Arrowhead, consists of like-minded individuals from various backgrounds, who are involved in different sectors of the economy. We come together to see what we can do to promote ecology, energy efficiency, and sustainability, along with other social goals.

Rather than talk, we do. One person proposes a project, and the others jump in to help bring it to fruition. Some projects may be of immediate benefit to the community and some involve developing and testing concepts for applicability in developing areas. But an overriding objective is to bring awareness the community and beyond about environmental issues.

We are working on such diverse projects as the development of a still for making ethanol, designing a solar swamp cooler, and building a green house.

Longer-term projects are discussed as well, including more efficient power plants, large-scale desalination, and harnessing the power of organic waste.

The group has gotten behind the Water Charity Electric Porsche project, as discussed in the section under that name.

We plan community events to increase the awareness of people regarding environmental factors, clean energy, and the green economy. We are putting on an Earth Day Celebration for the mountain communities involving government, industry, educational institutions, charities, and other organizations and individuals.