Latrine Construction Training Project– Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic SceneryThis project is to train a team of community members in the construction of latrines and in health and hygiene practices.

Water Charity is participating in this larger project to a small extent. A number of donors, and the community at large, have contributed a major portion of the necessary funding. While the vast majority of our projects involve “hardware”, this project involves education and training activities that definitely will lead to physical projects, and thus comes directly within our purview.

In addition, we are happy to provide the “last dollars” for this project, which was waiting for full funding before it could begin. With our modest contribution, this project is now underway.

This community in the Dominican Republic is located in the Northeast of the country on a peninsula and includes approximately 800 families. Most families are active within existing community groups and participate in projects for the community. The women’s group is active and dedicated to improving the lives of its community members.

Incomes are low, and improvements in health and sanitation are of prime importance. Most families do not have latrines, and for the few that do, they are in very poor condition.

The community is contributing 25% of the project costs.

The project is being coordinated by Peace Corps Volunteer E. Monteith, with the assistance of a second PCV. They will facilitate the training of health and hygiene education for the women and families in the community.

The women’s group, along with community leaders will be involved in supervising and maintaining the latrines upon completion of the project.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.