Kunahandhoo Island Rainwater Harvesting Project – Maldives

This is the first project to be implemented under the Rainwater Harvesting Program – Maldives.

Within the community of Kunahandhoo, 4 currently unconnected rainwater tanks, received as a part of a governmental aid program, are sitting unused because the community lacks the resources to develop them into a working system to help meet the freshwater needs of the island.

The four tanks consist of one of 10,000-liter capacity, one of 5,000-liter capacity and two of 2,500-liter capacity. Under the project, the four tanks will be connected to comprise a workable system using the appropriate piping and fixtures.

An optimal site, located between the community harbor and the island’s residential area, has been allocated. A concrete platform will be built and the tanks will be secured. A catchment area will be built over the tanks to house and shade them. Finally, gutters and piping will be installed to capture the rainwater and direct it by gravity into the tanks for storage.

The planning has been completed, and work is underway to purchase the materials and contract the labor for installation. We will keep you updated as the project progresses.

This project has been fully funded by the SLOW LIFE Foundation and Positive H2O. If you wish to contribute to the expansion of the Rainwater Harvesting Program – Maldives to other islands, please click on the Donate button below.

Kunahandhoo Island Rainwater Harvesting Project – MaldivesKunahandhoo Island Rainwater Harvesting Project – Maldives