Kouli Kunda Lower Basic School Pump Project – The Gambia

Kouli Kunda, Kiang West District, Lower River Region, The Gambia

Community Description
Kouli Kunda is a small village made up of approximately 40 compounds and 600 people. It is located in the Kiang West district of the Lower River Region, about 15 kilometers west of the main paved highway.

The village has little to no income and relies on the seasonal harvest of groundnut, rice and vegetable products from women’s gardens. The people of Kouli Kunda are enthusiastic about developing their community and providing opportunities for their children to prosper.

The village’s water comes from five hand pumps and numerous open wells.

The village has two schools, an Arabic School and the Kouli Kunda Lower Basic School. The latter supports students grades 1-6 from Kouli Kunda as well as two neighboring villages.

This hand pump at the lower basic school has been broken for at least three years, forcing the teachers and students to fetch water from a long distance to water the school garden. Previous efforts by the school to fix the pump have been unsuccessful because of lack of funds.

Project Description
This project is to repair a broken hand pump at the Lower Basic School in Kouli Kunda.

The existing borehole has pipes reaching down over 35 meters to the water table. An inspector has concluded that the broken pieces include the head, handle, handle chain, and bearings. All other parts are in good working condition.

The steps to be taken will include purchasing the new parts from the pump inspector, transporting them to Kouli Kunda, and having them installed.

A meeting will be held with the village elders and the village development committee, and a demonstration will be given to the students, on how to gently use the hand pump to ensure its longevity.

The inspector, Dudu Barrow, a teacher at the Lower Basic School, Lamin Njie, and a member of the Kouli Kunda community, Momodou Jallow, will do the work of repairing the pump.

Water Charity funds will be used to purchase the parts needed as well as to pay Dudu Barrow for his transportation, inspection, and installation costs.

The community of Kouli Kunda is participating by providing any necessary labor in dismantling and installing the hand pump.

Project Impact
This project will directly benefit the 190 students and six teachers at the school. The entire village will indirectly benefit from the reduction of demand for water at other hand pumps in the village.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Katie Potter

The water source within the school boundaries will allow easier access to drinking water, and provide water for use in the school garden. It will improve the health and well-being of students and faculty.

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$0.00 – This project has been fully funded through the generosity of friends and family of Peace Corps Volunteer Katie Potter.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.